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Brand Design & Strategy

A brand strategy is the most important thing to connect with your consumers. We provide Brand design & strategy services to boost your business.
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At SeojaipurX we provide superlative services to our client in the area of brand design and strategy. We take care of the requirements of our client and provide them best services.

A unique brand needs an exquisite balance of creativity and strategy. Which is an important way to get success in your business. Brand design and strategy is a process of giving identity to a brand to create good impression in the mind of consumer. However it’s not that simple it’s a long process which needs experts in this. Futhermore brand which has good design and strategy will reach a high level of awareness and create better image in between consumers.

If their’s no strategy of any business it’s all marketing push and promotion will go waste. We have professionals that have the skills to develop a strong brand identity.

Brand is not just a logo it should reflect in every side of your firm including marketing materials and your website. We help our clients to meet their goals and make their brand presence strengthened.

There are a lot of benefits in our branding service:

Customer recognition: Having a powerful brand will build your customer recognition. In addition customers like to buy something which is familiar to them and a strong brand will help you to attract them to buy your product or service.

Loyalty: When your consumers have positive experience with a memorable brand they will tend to buy product or take services from that brand again again.

Drive traffic: This is a cost efficient way to drive the traffic to take your services. In the competitive edge of market a unique brand can differentiates you in the market.

Create impression: If you have good brand design and strategy it will create a better image between customers.

Reduces comparison: A strong brand will reduces the price comparison.

We SeoJaipurX help you to grow your business with a power brand design and strategy.


Social Media Management

SEO JaipurX offers full time social media management services to meet your business goals.
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Social media management can help you to engage your audience and connect and communicate with them directly. It is a key element for success in marketing.

In today’s era of internet everyone uses media so it is very important to your brand value and promote it through social media management. However to manage it with proper strategy you need professionals in this field.


Enhance brand awareness: A good social media strategy will enhance your brand recognition. In addition this is cost efficient way to increase your brand visibility. Over 91% o marketers agreed that social media management profits them in their business and generate a wide number of audience.

Increase traffic: Without social media marketing your traffic is limited. People have to search for a particular keyword you already ranked for. Without using social media you can’t more drive traffic to website. Social media open your business on a large scale.

Increase conversation: As the visibility of your brand increases you will get more opportunities for conversation. However you can increase it by sharing post, video, content or commenting on social media. The better your posts are the luckier you get attention by the visitors.

Better search engine ranking: If you begin posting quality content on social media it will make strong social media community which results into more like and share. In addition this will help you to improve your website ranking on search engine results.

Customer satisfaction: A social media management service will provide you 24/7 monitoring of your brand. By analyzing customer response it can suggest that what kind of improvements you should do in your business.

Save money: Hiring a SMM service is going to save your money. A saves a lot a money that you’re spending on traditional marketing. It build your content and optimize your customers.

SeoJaipurX manage or monitor your day to day activities and customer response. We also provide you the best solutions for your marketing strategy.

Audience Analytics

SEO JaipurX  analyse  your true customer  and provide you good business and reports.
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Audience analytics

AAM(Adobe audience manager) is a powerful data management platform. It helps you create distinctive audience profiles from first party, second party and third party data combination.

First of all you need to know about your audience. For this you have to understand the statistics, behaviors and  profits of your site visitors ameliorate your online marketing.  You can learn what information is found in the Google analytics audience section and how can it apply to your online marketing strategy. No matter what firm you are in or what your strategy is to advertising and marketing, analyzing your audience better will enable you to ameliorate your practices and enhance your client loyal and ownership.

Now it’s easier to understand your audience and get a superior idea of who’s interacting with brand and why. By analyzing this you can amend your strategy and anticipate your client requirements and also create a better user experience.

Now a days digital marketing is on the rise and increasing the advertising landscape speedily. So measuring the gain and affect within target audience is lead to successfully and proficiently allocate your media spends.

In 2017 the audience analytics market size was valued at $3.25 billion and is predicted to reach $6.30 billion by 2023.

Content Writing & Strategy

Receive high quality content which is unique and error free from our specialized writers to take your website to top of the results
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The biggest challenge for content marketers is producing quality content according to marketing needs. SeojaipurX provides you the high quality content according to the market requirements by the professional content writers. It includes website content, blog post, Seo pages and more.

It is not that easy to produce a well written content in a short period of time to satisfy your audiences interest.

A quality content is beneficial in:

Enhance search engine results: Google analyze web pages and back links and ranks your site accordingly. So if you produce a quality content it will help you to get better rank in search engine results. In addition better content writing and strategy tends to drive quality traffic to your site.

Time efficient: Once you give content writing service to SeoJaipurX. You can concentrate on your business without worrying about it as we produce high quality content and update automatically. You can get reliable content on regular basis.

Content writing by experts: Another profit is that your content is written by the experts. Professionals who have years of experience in this can give better content by analyzing audience interest and requirements.

Relevant content: A good content writer knows how place the keywords in a strategic manner any article that makes it relevant content and enhance your website rankings in search engines. He works with tried and tested technology to put your website on high rankings.

Fresh content: Thinking about creative ideas for content is a big headache. By hiring professionals in this can solve this problem easily and deliver you fresh content by looking at the targeted audience.

We will give you 100% original content with tried and tested technologies. If you’re are looking for best content writing services SeoJaipurX is always there for you.





Email Marketing

SEO JaipurX provides email marketing services in which we send professional emails and track results.
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Email marketing is an act of sending commercial message to a group of people. It help you to connect with the audience to enhance the brand value.In marketing email is used for send advertisements, to promote the business, spreading awareness about the brand and meant to build trust in consumers. It is about convince the customers to buy the product or take your services. For this you need to write an impressive email.

Here are the benefits of email marketing service:

Instant results:

By sending a professional email you can quick response to make a business deal.

Worldwide audience:

You can send the email to people across the world which helps you to spread your business in worldwide. You can do it with social media but you have no idea who is reading your content. but in email marketing you can send the message to particular consumers.

Easy to start:

Email campaign is easy to start as it needs a quality content in this. It doesn’t require fancy templates, image videos and other thing. The receiver will only focus to the information written in the email.

Drive quality traffic:

As we send email to the particular consumers. Surely the responses are better than any other method. If you’re sending email to the people who need your product or who are requiring your service then you will get quick response.

Low cost:

Another advantage of email marketing is lower cost. There is no cost for print and you don’t have to pay extra for anything like traditional marketing. You don’t have spend on posters, magazines or any TV channel. you just have to send an professional email to the right audiences.

Email marketing inherit the problem of non-targeting marketing. SeojaipurX provides you best email service by professional which helps you to boost your connection with your customers and increase your brand awareness.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is a good way to get instant business and traffic.
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This stands for pay per click which means you have to pay each time when your add is clicked. It is also a part of digital marketing. If you select the relevant keywords and match type and by focusing on landing page quality and quality score you will get benefit in this. And then you should analyze and manage your PPC campaign. So pay per click a great way to drive relevant visitors to your site and enhance your brand value.

SeoJaipurX provides you PPC service with the experts who make sure you achieve the best results.

Time efficient:

When you hire a PPC service we will constantly update keywords and ads.  Also monitor and optimize your campaign so you can give more attention to your business rather then PPC.

Experienced professionals:

We have experts that have years of experience in this field and worked on different plateforms. We work on tested and trail techniques that will give benefit to your business.

Newest technology:

Google keep launching new feature for Adword and we provide you the latest features and strategies.

Increase traffic:

We have best strategic plan with the most talented experts out there. This will increase the traffic to your site.


As PPC service provider we focus on one thing only and that is pay per click. By giving your 100% on just one thing will give you better results and that’s our strategy. So our clients can deal with business issues rather than focusing on it.

Keep ahead in the competition:

In this competitive world only PPC experts have the capability to keep you ahead in the competition by applying various techniques and strategies. How to frame advertisement in a perfect way that can attract audience to visit your website.

So we SeoJaipurX help you to grow your business by providing PPC service.





Social Engine Optimizatioin

SEO JaipurX provides full time Seo service to rank your website to the to top of search engines.
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SEO(Search engine optimization) refers to the process of enhance the visibility of a website in search engine results. Basically it is the process of gaining traffic from free, organic or natural results on search engines.

It depends on the strategy that how search engine works, what people search for and how they phrase their search which is usually referred to a keyword. This technique includes website code, content and link building.

SEO based on quantity and quantity of traffic and organic results.

Quality of traffic means you can attract all the audience at international level to your site. But that doesn’t mean that all the audience or visitors will be your customer. May be your website is for gaming gadget and your audiences are farmers. Why do they will be your customer so here we need quality of traffic.

Quality of traffic means you are attracting the people who are genuinely show interest to buy your product. This is beneficial for your business.

Another important thing in SEO is organic traffic for which you don’t have to pay for.

Types of SEO:

SeoJaipurX provides you both On page and Off page SEO services.

1.On page SEO

Generally it refers to the activities which are carried out on the page. In this we have to focus on right keywords. On page SEO includes internal links, meta tags and description, building the customized URL and inserting the alt attributes. Quality content is important in On page SEO.

2.Off page SEO

Basically it refers top that activities which goes live on the web. It includes sharing the post, Liking and giving star to that post, answering to the questions of the consumers and commenting on the post for the link building. These all techniques are a part of Off page SEO.


SEo JAipurX  also do marketing campaign for all type of work business and election.
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SEO JaipurX work on quality of backlinks that increase traffic
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Video Marketing

Google AdWord is a good way to get instant business and traffic.
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