Search Engine Optimization

SEO helps search engines to find your website and rank it better than the other sites uploaded on the web. It is a methodology of strategies and techniques used to enhance the amount of visitors to a site acquiring a high ranking in search engine.


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It includes yahoo, Google, Bing and others. Basically it is the process of affecting the online visibility of a web page. It’s a simple phenomena that more frequently a site become visible, more visitors.

It will receive and the probability of these visitors can be converted into clients increased. That’s why SEO is an imperative part of digital marketing.

SEO is the process of enhancing visibility of a particular website on organic search engine results. SEO, when appropriately implemented can beneficial and sustainable.

Search engine optimization should consist on page optimization, technical optimization.

Types of SEO

Basically there are four types of SEO:

  1. White hat
  2. Black hat
  3. Grey hat
  4. Negative SEO

1. White hat

White hat search engine optimization strictly follows guidelines of SEO. In this techniques we avoid cheats and shortcuts. It include writing relevant and beneficial content, keywords, back linking and link building to enhance its popularity.

2. Black hat

Black hat search engine optimization does not follow the guidelines of SEO. Therefore it carry a risk that your site will be banned. It include keyword hiding, keyword stuffing, paid backlinks and plagiarism.

3. Grey hat

Grey hat search engine optimization falls in between black and white hat SEO. It can be considered risky. It include link exchanges, clickbait etc.

4. Negative SEO

Negative search engine optimization is a combination of black and grey hat SEO on your competitors website with the intention of causing harm. This will help you to get better rank in search engine results. It include stealing content, hacking site, building unnatural links etc.

SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization strategy divided in two categories:

  1. On page SEO
  2. Off page SEO

1. On page SEO

Basically it is a practice of optimizing particular web pages to earn more traffic on search engines.

It includes content and HTML source code.

Important factors about On page SEO are technical excellence, great content and flawless UX.

It means that your code should be of better quality and the information you provide should be relevant.

2. Off page SEO

It refers to the techniques that are used to enhance web site ranking in search engine results.

Off page search engine optimization refers to the activities you can execute outside the borderline of your website.

It includes Social media marketing, link building and social bookmarking.

It increase the website and page rank which means you can gain a lot of traffic.

Benefits of SEO:

1. Increase traffic

SEO increase ranking of a website which results in high traffic.

Basically search engine optimization focuses on creating keyword and relevant information which show up in result pages.

Techniques used in SEO helps to enhance quality web traffic and it also increase click through rate.

2. Return on Investment

In this we can track traffic, ranking s and conversions.

3. Quality traffic

The benefit of search engine optimization is that it is an inbound marketing strategy which makes it easy to find out the audience who want your information. Basically it focus on customers as it is customer-centric.

Which means you only get quality traffic.

4. Cost free

You don’t need to pay anything for clicks. Only you have to made an initial investment on a content writer or a digital marketing agency.

After that you might require to update the page according to the nature of topic.

5. Get more click than PPC

Even Paid per click ads appear above organic rankings. But 71.33% searches result in a click on organic result.


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